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Welcome to the Your Voice Matters story submission form.


We're so glad you're here because your voice matters! You are affecting policy decisions and new areas of research. Your responses will be combined with others and hand-delivered to Members of Congress  between June 14-18. Letters received after that date will be delivered on bi-monthly intervals. (Your address is needed by congressional offices to verify you as their consituent.) To be effective, we estimate that 10,000 responses will be representative of how chronic pain affects people’s lives in the United States. Together we make a difference!

The prompts below are available for you to tell your story as fully as you wish. We invite you to answer the questions you want to and appreciate your support!


***Important: Please type your responses in a word processor and copy and paste into the form below. We have received several reports of "Timed Out" Submissions, which are then lost. We appreciate your time and effort in telling your story. 

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